Wide Sweep Centre Brooms and Gutter Brooms for all Street Sweepers

Whether you are looking for blue or red replacement wide sweep brooms for Bucher Macdonald Johnston, or for Rosmech Scarab, we have all the options covered. In addition, we have a complete range of wire and poly Gutter Brooms for all street, footpath, mall, and carpark sweepers including Schwarze Street Sweepers and many other Sweepers.

Trusted experience that makes buying the right broom easy

35 years of servicing contractors and councils in Queensland, from Brisbane to Cairns and from Longreach right through to the Tweed Shire Council in Norther New South Wales and everywhere in between, we have gained the trust of our customers and most importantly we now have the experience to help you to buy the right broom for your project.

What’s the best broom for my Sweeper

If you are unsure of the best option for your sweeper or project, and you want to cut to the chase, you can call Derek on 0457 982 876 or email him at derek@broomsfast.com.au and together you will work out which broom will work best for you.

All Major Broom Brands; Australian Made and Imported for all Street Sweepers

Our aim wherever possible is to supply Australian made Main and Gutter Brooms. 

Our Australian made Bucher Main brooms are now manufactured with a soft “Quiet” drive for an improved operator experience.  In addition, we supply Australian made, Timber backed, 2 Row wire Gutter brooms.  Indeed, locally made products have continually performed well for councils and contractors since the 1980’s, and most importantly they are supplied at very competitive price points.

Even though it goes against the core of who we really are, we can now supply our customers with the same Imported main and gutter brooms, that the sweeper manufacturers bring into the country.

Ultimately, whatever style of broom you prefer, we can supply.

Australian made Soft / Quiet Drive Broom
Imported Soft / Quiet Drive Broom

Thank You for the Australian Manufacturing Resurgence

During these difficult, “Covid 19” times, Councils and Contractors are getting behind Australian manufacturers. As a result of your support, local broom manufacturers have been able to keep Australian workers, working, and consequently the money invested in Broom stocks, is flowing in our own, Australian economy. 

On behalf of Australian Manufacturers and suppliers, we thank you.

Main Brooms for All Street Sweepers

Single piece Main brooms

Single piece Main brooms are also known as Wide sweeps, Belly Brooms or Centre Brooms.

Both the red Australian made and Blue imported Main Brooms, for all models of Bucher and Scarab street sweepers, are readily available. Whereas Main Brooms for road patching,  Ausroad Jet Patcher and Paveline machines for instance are all locally made. 

Single piece Red or Blue wide sweep brooms are either available ex stock, or can be made to order depending on your specific requirements.

Australian made Spirally Wound Brooms

Australian made Spirally Wound Brooms, are generally finished in Red Poly, yet they can be made to any specification.

For instance, bristle or fill can be soft or coarse, made from Polypropylene/ poly or wire and if required a combination of poly and wire bristle can be called for.

In short, whatever broom style you find works best, we can have it made.. 

Imported Brooms

Where Imported brooms are preferred, Blue poly, punched style brooms are available. 

Unlike the multitude of option available in the locally made brooms, these Imported brushes are generally only available in poly.

About Centre Broom Bristles

Imported Brooms; To the touch, the Blue Imported brooms feel stiff, this is as a result of the poly being “Punched into the plastic core, and as a result the bristle pokes out in all directions.

On the other hand, Australian Brooms; made with Red Poly feel less stiff. Yet, both imported and locally made brooms contain the same thickness/stiffness (0.55”) of Poly.  The feeling of reduced stiffness in these brooms is due to the way the bristles are “wound” onto the steel  core, as a result all the bristles go in the same direction.

Bristle Options

Australian brooms can be made as stiff as you like, either by adding wire bristle, or simply by increasing the thickness of the poly Fill to 0.80” or .105” or reducing it to 0.35″.  Most importantly, whatever your project needs we can have the right broom made to your specification.

Australian Made or Imported Brooms - The story so far

Going back 7 years the vast majority of Main Wide Sweep and Gutter Brooms sold to councils and contractors for street sweeping were manufactured in Australia-That all changed in 2013 with Imported Brooms  Look out for our newsletter coming soon

Gutter Brooms for All Street Sweepers

Wire bristled Gutter brooms and Poly (Polypropylene) bristled gutter brooms are available for all sweepers, with a number of Australian made and Imported options to choose from. 

*Gutter brooms are also known as Side, Edge or Channel Brooms, brushes and bristles.

Wire Gutter Brooms for Street Sweepers


Wire Bristle Gutter Brooms are used where a tough, vigorous sweep is required, for example Street kerbs, gutters and road channels.  Bucher and Scarab street sweeper gutter brooms sweep dust, dirt and rubbish from road edges and into the centre of the sweeper, after that the wide sweep or belly broom sweeps it up into a collection chamber, ultimately cleaning the street.


Street sweeper Gutter brooms are generally readily available for; Bucher, Rosmech Scarab, Schwarze, Cyclone 770 & RT655 street sweepers to name just a few.

Broom Construction

Wire Bristle Gutter brooms are built using high tensile spring steel bristle. The wire is fitted into a Wood or Plastic Back, with the bristles generally fitted so that the Flat, 3mm edge of the wire is sweeping, this style of broom is known as “Opposite Fill”

However, single piece, Australian made Wooden heads, can be filled with the sharp edge of the wire to lead the sweeping, this enables ground on dirt to be “cut & swept”, this style of broom is known as “Round & Rounds” 

Note Round & Rounds are not available in the plastic backed Imported brooms or on any segmental brooms.

Single-piece Wire Gutter Brooms

Wire bristled gutter brooms are mostly supplied as a complete, circular “single piece” broom and are generally used on Bucher and Rosmech Scarab Sweepers.

Segmental Wire Gutter Brooms

“4-Piece” segmental wire gutter brooms are sold in sets of 4 segments, to make up 1 complete Broom. These are most commonly supplied for Schwarze sweepers, as well as some Bucher and Rosmech sweepers.

What’s best 2, 3 or 4 Rows Gutter brooms

“it would seem that 3 & 4 Row brooms have been brought into the country as a marketing ploy, to give the Sweeper manufacturers an unfair advantage.  This advantage has now gone as” – read more 

2 Row Vs 4 Row Wire Gutter Broom Trials

Council Testing

Two councils, across four depots, in New South Wales, tested the imported 4 row wire gutter brooms, and compared them to the Australian made, 2 row wire gutter brooms. 

In short, the council operators found that the 2 row wire gutter brooms, worked just as well and lasted just as long as the 4 row wire gutter brooms. 

Approximately 60% of councils in NSW have chosen to buy the Australian made, 2 row wire gutter brooms.

Contractor Feedback

Anecdotally, 80% of owner operators in NSW, said 4 row wire gutter brooms, DO NOT provide better value for money.  In other words, they choose to buy the 2 row brooms.

3 Row Wire Gutter Broom Trials

*We have not specifically had the 3 rows of wire gutter brooms tested against the 2 rows gutter brooms.  However, our belief is the 3 rows of wire will work and last pretty much the same as 2 and 4 row, wire gutter brooms.

Environmental Impacts of Imported Plastic Backed, Wire Gutter Brooms

From an environmental perspective imported brooms give real cause for concern

Using up to 100% more wire than an Australian made broom for seemingly little or no benefit, could be considered an environmental nightmare. 

Furthermore, using plastic heads that take up to 1,000 Years to break down does not appear to be an environmentally sustainable option.

The Sustainability of Australian Made, Timber Backed, Wire Gutter Brooms

Australian made wire gutter brooms, are made with a timber head (wood backed), and are manufactured under a Sustainability policy.  That is to say, wherever possible, they use less energy, less water, create less waste, and furthermore, recycling levels are increased.

In short, they are made in a way that works toward looking after the natural environment.

If we want to leave the planet in a better way for our children and grandchildren, even in the humble broom game we can all make a Real difference, when the choice is an Australian made Gutter Broom.

Poly Bristle Gutter Brooms

*Gutter brooms are also known as Side, Edge or Channel Brooms and brushes.


Poly (Polypropylene) Bristle Gutter brooms are often used where a lighter, softer sweep is required and in places where any shards of wire are not acceptable; Footpaths, Malls, Car Parks, Cattle Feedlots and Airports for instance. 


Poly bristled gutter brooms can be used on many sweepers, for example Bucher, Rosmech, Compact 40, Borschang, Green Machine and CN400 sweepers and a number of lesser known makes and models of sweepers. 

Broom Construction

Poly Bristle Gutter brooms are commonly built using 0.80” Poly bristle, yet in certain situations a heavier or lighter fill may be called for. And the backs of the brooms can be Moulded locally, or made locally out of steel or can be made out of Plastic in the case of Imported brooms.


Interesting Fact “What a difference the right Poly can make”

    The value of having an Australian made Gutter brooms is having options to choose a bristle that works best for each situation. 

    As an illustration in 2018, when two southern Queensland councils needed a poly gutter broom to sweep as tough as a poly wire gutter broom, we worked closely with them and our Australian manufacturer.  The result was a gutter broom for their Hako sweepers, that lasted between 2 and 3 times longer than any other brooms they trialled including the imported genuine part.

One-piece Poly Gutter Brooms

Poly bristled gutter brooms are mostly supplied as a complete circular “single piece” broom.

Segmental Poly Gutter Brooms

“4-Piece” segmental Poly gutter brooms are sold in sets of 4 segments, to make up 1 complete Poly Broom. These are most commonly supplied for Schwarze sweepers, as well as some Bucher and Rosmech sweepers.

Bobcat, Skid Steer and Tractor Brooms

If you are using a Bobcat, Digga, Hydrapower, Neilo, Norm or other brand of Skid Steers, or similarly a Bonne, CAT, Sewel or other Tow-behind Tractor broom for street sweeping, here you will find all the information you need to get the right broom-stocks for those sweepers 

Drag Brooms

Drag Brooms for Grain Sweeping DB900

If you are using a Drag Broom either on a Tow behind Tractor or on a Skid steer, Forklift or Front end Loader for street sweeping, here you will find all the information you need to get the right broom-stocks for those sweepers 

Hand Brooms, Handles and Fitting

We have a complimentary range of Heavy Duty Hand Brooms, Handles & Fittings for use in all street sweeping, Road building, Yard sweeping and Workshop applications. here you will find all the information you need to get the right broom

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