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Whether you are looking for a replacement broom for a BobCat, Skid Steer, CAT or a Tow behind Tractor sweeper, at Broomsfast, we have all your options covered

Need some help

If you are unsure of the best option for your project, and you want to cut to the chase, you can call:
Derek on  0457 982 876 or email

Genuine Parts

As brooms are our business, we guarantee that our products will always be equal to or better than an “Original/genuine part”.  Furthermore, unlike many “Genuine spare part suppliers”, we are able offer brooms that are 100% Australian made and as a result comply to Australian standards ISO9001 Quality management system. 

Trusted experience that makes buying the right broom easy

We have learned how to make buying the right brooms easy, by servicing and listening to major road builders; Boral, Downers, Fulton Hogan, Pioneer, Roadtek and hundreds of owner operators, for over 35 years.  Most importantly, we continue to listen to our customers, for new ways to make buying the right brooms easy.

Increase Productivity and Save on Operational Costs

We understand that the need to reduce costs and increase productivity are key factors for Workshops, Owner operators and Procurement staff. 

In short, these needs are the driving force behind our “product options”.  Ultimately we understand that One size does not fit all situations, and accordingly we work closely with our customers to make sure they get the best brooms for their projects.

1-Piece brooms for Digga, Hydrapower, Neilo and Norm Skid Steer Sweepers

We offer Australian made, 1 and 2 piece spirally wound brooms, with several options available for all sweepers. One and two piece brooms are quick and easy install, and as a result they are often the  broom of choice for Skid Steers such as Digga, Hydrapower, Neilo, Norm and other sweepers

In addition, one or two-piece brooms are also available as “Special order brooms” for Bobcats, CAT sweepers and Tractor Brooms.

If you would like a quote or need to order a 1 or 2-piece broom, by all means call us or click the button below to get the ball rolling. 

BobCat Sweepers, Bonne, CAT, Sewel and other Tow behind Tractor Brooms

As a standard option, we offer Australian made Segmental Brooms for BobCat sweepers, and for Bonne, CAT, Sewel and other Tow behind Tractor sweepers.  The size of brooms these sweepers take, often dictate that sections are the best option for handling freight and storage. However, single, and 2-piece brooms are available for these sweepers as “Special order brooms”. 

In the same vein, segments can be used on Hydrapower, Neilo, Norm and other sweepers.

If you would like a quote or need to order a segmental broom, click below: 

Sweepers and Bristle options

Single piece, 2 piece and segmental Broom-stocks for sweepers including; 4 in 1 Bucket brooms, Angle sweepers, Open face and Enclosed attachments are available in Red, Black & Blue Poly fill.  In addition, wire fill can be added to the poly bristle in a spirally wound broom if required.

Similarly wire segments can be purchased to make up a 50/50 Poly/Wire segmental broom.

Please note Brooms with wire should never be used on airports or in bulk food or grain warehousing facilities.  

Other Sweepers

If the sweepers make or model is not mentioned here, or if you are unsure what type of sweeper you have, simply contact us and together we’ll work out what Broom Stocks are required.

Drag Brooms

Drag brooms are often used in the finishing process on Asphalt and reseal work.

Likewise Drag brooms are regularly used on Grain Pads and Grain Stores.

Before the advent of Segmental and Spirally wound rotary brooms, Drag Brooms were the “go to” product for road builders, and the bristle was originally made out of cane.

However, even now, “Main roads” will from time to time call for Drag Brooms to be used, on the final road base preparation.

Machinery and Drag Broom Set Up

With the correct Drag Broom “Frame set up” (we can help with this), these Drag behind Brooms can be used on Tractors & Heavy plant.

In addition to being dragged behind, the frame and brooms can be used on Skid Steers, Bobcats, Fork lifts and Heavy plant, where the Brooms are pushed forward.

This opens up the uses for Drag brooms in:   

  • Sand and Soil Yards
  • Recycling & Refuse Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Nursery’s

Interesting Fact

Back in March 2000, our own Nick Eden, together with Tony McGuire of Graincorp Toowoomba, developed the first ever Drag Broom set up for the Grain Industry.  As a result, since then 1000’s of Drag Brooms have been supplied to Grain companies, grain handlers, and to many other industries.  In addition they continue to be used in Road Base preparation.



Drag Broom Sizes and Specifications

Commonly available in 750mm & 900mm lengths, and by special order, other size Drag Brooms, 600mm and 1200mm for example can be manufactured.

Drag Brooms have a 90mm wide x 34mm Deep Timber back, therefore they will “slot” into the C channels of your sweeper frame.

The Bristle is 100mm long and consists of an Orange Very Heavy Duty 0.80” x .120” Poly Fill

Multi Tyred Roller Mats and Brushes 

We have a range of Multi-tyred Roller cleaning coir mats and brushes, suitable for Sakai, CAT and other makes of Rollers readily available. 

Coir Mats in a number of sizes are available for various Multi Tyred Rollers

Tyre Brush Code 38190.4-30BB can be retrofitted to Clip-on Mat and suits Sakai Rollers

Clip-on Coir Mat Code RP-163P
to suit Sakai Rollers

Clip-on Coir Mat Code RP-163P and Tyre Brush Code 38190.4-30BB both suit Sakai Rollers

Hand Brooms, Handles and Fittings

We have a complimentary range of Heavy Duty Hand Brooms, Handles & Fittings for Asphalt and Sprayseal crews and for use in Yards, Gardens, Construction & Workshops.

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