Our Happy Clients


“In 20 odd years we've never had a problem with BROOMSFAST and of all the suppliers we have you are by far the Easiest to deal with”
“As you know with wire gutter brooms it is not uncommon to occasionally get a few in a batch that fail before they are worn out. The thing we like about dealing with you guys is that if we have any problem with your brooms you immediately replace the faulty stocks, without any fuss”
Hi Derek Thank you so much for your all your help and amazing solutions. Can you believe after all that rush, they have move the project date back a week? ???? Regards,
“I’ve tried every centre broom on the market, some are cheaper others more expensive, and I don’t know why but Thompson Brushes just sweep better”
"Hi Nick & Derek I was happy to see the new broom stocks when I got home Friday and it made big Sunday night a lot easier I appreciate your efforts to get them to me ASAP" Thanks
“These Poly Dozer push brooms are magic you can do heavy duty sweeping and even rake over the grass with them”
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