Bunksweeps, Grain Stores and Abattoir Brushes

Bunksweeps, Grain Stores and Abattoir Brushes

Whether you are looking for quality brushes for your bunk sweep, Grain handling or an Abattoir, we have all the options covered.

A trusted experience that makes buying the right broom easy

Over 20 years of servicing Feedlots, Grain companies and Abattoirs all over the country, we have gained the trust of our customers, and most importantly we now have the experience, to make buying the right brooms easy.

Need some help

If you are unsure of the best option for your sweeper or project, and you want to cut to the chase, you can call Nick or Cooper on 07 3868 2733 or email us info@broomsfast.com.au and together we will work out which broom will work best for your project.

Feedlots and Bunksweepers

We have been supplying the Feedlot Industry with Bunk sweep brushes for over 20 years.

Suppliers to Williamson-agri

Williamson-agri are Australia’s number one manufacturer of Feedlot Bunksweepers, based in Toowoomba QLD, they are a family owned business that currently has more than 60 Bunksweeps in use, in Australia and New Zealand. 

We have worked with the Williamson’s since day one, and our working relationship has stood the test of time, that is to say we continue to supply Williamson’s for all their ‘New Build” sweepers, to this day. 

Supplying Bunk Sweep Brushes to Feedlots

With the Blessing of the Williamson family, we supply replacement feed bunk brush sections, to Feedlots around the country. 

Want to buy a Bunk Sweeper

If you’d like to get some information on mechanical bunk sweeps or talk to Williamson-agri about commissioning a new bunksweep, here’s a link to their site https://www.williamsonagri.com.au/

Other Brands of Feed-bunk Sweepers

We also supply Feedlots that have sweepers other than Williamson-agri, such as Mohrlang and Bespoke sweepers. That is to say, no matter what make of sweeper, it’s very likely that we have broom stocks to suit your sweeper. 

However, if this is not the case, together we can work out exactly what brooms will work best for your sweeper and get them organised.

On the contrary, if this is not the case, together we can work out exactly what brooms will work best for your sweeper.

Smaller Feedlots

If you are a smaller Feedlot, or a Farmer with Feed troughs that need to be kept clean we have hand cleaning brushes for the job, here you’ll find the brushes. How to Clean Feed Bunks by Hand

What are the best brushes for mechanical bunk sweeps

QRB’s Super Premium Quality Brush Sections

The “QRB” range, a 100% Australian made brush segment appear to be the best. Indeed, Australian Feedlots have determined this fact in our minds, as no matter the available options, the QRB range has always been the “go to” choice for cleaning feed bunks.

Indeed, with more than 20 years of servicing Feedlots Country wide, we have only ever had good feedback on these brushes.

QRB Quality

QRB quality is easily demonstrated, as they contain up to 40% more poly fill (bristle) than imported brush segments.  In addition, the poly is quality controlled to ISO 9001, Australian quality standards. Therefore, the consistency of the red crimped poly (Polypropylene), used in the QRB Bunk sweep brushes is both consistent and guaranteed.

What Size Bunk Sweep Brushes are available

There are 5 common sizes of QRB brushes used in Feedlots, however with the advent of new and 1 off Bunk sweeps, other sizes are available!

Here are the 5 most commonly used brush segments:


20" x 5" (Overall Diameter is 508mm x 130mm Internal Diameter, Pin Drive) SUPER Premium Poly Segment


20" x 1 1/2" (Overall Diameter 508mm x 40mm Square Drive) SUPER Premium Poly Segment


24" x 11/2" (Overall Diameter 600mm x 40mm Square Drive) SUPER Premium Poly Segment


24" x 5" (Overall Diameter 600mm x 130mm Internal Diameter, Pin Drive) SUPER Premium Poly Segment


34" x 10" (Overall Diameter 860mm x 250mm Internal Diameter, Pin Drive) SUPER Premium Poly Segment

As well as these commonly used feedlot brushes there are other QRB’s that could well be used in feedlots.  

If you would like to talk to us about your needs contact us and we can have a chat about your specific brush requirements.


Availability on QRB brushes is generally ex stock, and as a result despatch can be expected within 24 hours of an order being placed. 

How to Clean Feed Bunks by Hand

As well as being able to clean feed-bunks with mechanical sweepers, many smaller operations and farmers require cheaper cleaning options for their troughs.  To this end we offer a range of hand brooms and brushes that may suit your needs.

These include our MK18 Poly Dozer (maxiclean) brooms.

These extra tough, Australian Made brooms with fully welded handle fittings have often been found to work well.  We have a full range of 14” (350mm), 18” (450mm) and 24” (600mm) inch brooms and handles Heavy Duty push broom page)    so depending on the size of the trough one of these off the shelf options may work well.

Trough Brooms both Curved, Square nose and hand-held scrubbing brushes are also suitable options for trough cleaning. 

Grain Sweeping

Drag Brooms for Grain Sweeping DB900

Back in March 2000 our own Nick Eden, together with Tony McGuire of Graincorp Toowoomba, developed the first ever Drag Broom set up for the Grain Industry. As a result, we have supplied 1000’s of our Drag Brooms fitted to forklifts and front-end loaders for use in Grain Pads and Grain stores.

Machinery and Drag Broom Set Up

With the correct Drag Broom “Frame set up” we can help with this, these Drag behind Brooms can be used on Tractors & Heavy plant.

In addition to being dragged behind, the Frame and brooms can be used on Skid Steers, Bobcats, Fork lifts and Heavy plant, where the Brooms are pushed forward.

This opens up the uses for Drag brooms in:   

  • Sand and SoilYards
  • Recyling Plants
  • Warehouses
  • ConstructionSites
Plan to build drag broom set up


Drag Broom DB900


Drag Broom Sizes and Specifications

Commonly available in 750mm & 900mm lengths, and by special order, other size Drag Brooms including 600mm and 1200mm can be manufactured.

Drag Brooms have a 90mm wide x 34mm Deep Timber back, therefore they will “slot” into the C channels of your sweeper frame.

The Bristle is 100mm long and consists of an Orange Very Heavy Duty 0.80” x .120” Poly Fill

Sweeping Grain by Hand

Our 18” 450mm Poly-Dozer yard brooms are commonly used in the grain industry to sweep anything left behind by the drag brooms.

These extra tough, Australian Made scavenger brooms that come with fully welded handle fittings have often been found to work well.  We have a full range of 14” (350mm), 18” (450mm) and 24” (600mm) inch brooms and handles to suit all Grain pad and Grain store situations.


We supply Queensland’s busiest abattoirs, with all their brushware needs including:
Boot wash brushes
Dairy scrubs for Apron Cleaning 
Wet area brushes and Squeegees 

Specialty Brushware

To complete the offering, as required we work with abattoirs and manufactures to design and construct specialty brushes such for chute cleaning, dust seals, packaging brushes etc.

If you have any specialty brush requirements, contact us,  we can help you to design your own brush, or suggest brushes that can be tweaked to suit your needs.

Yard, Driveway and Workshop Sweeping for Feedlots, Grain Handlers and Abattoirs

Whether you’re working in a Feedlot, Grain Handling or an Abattoir, it is likely that you’ll need brooms for yard, driveway and workshop clean ups.  We have all the options covered as follows.

Bobcat, Skid Steer and Tractor Brooms

To clean up yards and driveways we have a complete range brooms for all Bobcats, skid steers and Tractor Brooms, no matter the brand we have them all covered.  G Link to Bobcat page

Lunchrooms, Offices, Trucks and More

We stock and can have made to order many styles of brooms and brushes for all sweeping and cleaning needs.  In short if your lunchroom, office, toilets or trucks need to be cleaned, we have top quality Industrial Brushware for every job. G Link to Odds & Sods

Hand Brooms, Handles and Fitting

We have a complimentary range of Heavy Duty Hand Brooms, Handles & Fittings for use in all street sweeping, Road building, Yard sweeping and Workshop applications. here you will find all the information you need to get the right broom

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