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Service is our game, and we believe there is no substitute for good old fashioned service! The team is trained to use and maintain the BroomsFast “Thirty Year Information System”. This system dating right back to 1985 includes invoices, prototype drawings, detailed inquiry notes and photographs which enable us to access all there is to know about the Broom-stock history of our customers.

With honesty, integrity and win/win approach to every sale we work within our “Responsible Trading policy”. Which means we always recommend the product that fits our customers’ needs best and not the product we make the most money on. However to run a business for 30 years and long into the future we aim to make modest margin on every transaction.

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Although we are dealing in the “humble broom”, we believe that we provide a vital service to many industries, so much so that we are often made to feel that we are part of our customer’s team. As customer service focussed people every time we make it easy for our customers to deal with us we get a real Buzz!


Nick’s business ethics continue to pay off as shown by the loyalty of his customers. The great majority of customers have been sourcing their products from BroomsFast for more than 15 years, many have been with Nick from the mid 1980’s and the majority of New customers get recommended to BroomsFast by existing customers. Since the start of the New Millennium we are proud to say that we have become the Broom supplier of choice to all Major road builders and more than Forty (over 90%) of all Queensland’s councils.

We Meet Deadlines

Inability to supply on time issues crop up occasionally for all manufacturers! We are in the unique position of being able to offer products from multiple manufacturers, which can keep a critical project running, as was the case for Colas just before Christmas 2018 “Thank you Derek for all your help and amazing solutions”


Broomsfast products are competitively priced, however our focus is not on being the cheapest supplier of Brooms. In our 30 odd years of business we have learned that a cheap priced product often actually costs more money in the long run! Therefore our product focus is based on providing the very best value for money.

Attention To Detail

Premium quality road brooms require top quality Polypropylene (Poly) for good, hard wearing performance. Our manufacturing partner “Thompson Brushes” have invested over 40 years into developing industry best poly. Our Road broom segments have more poly fill than any other on the market; in fact the amount of poly bristle in our segments exceeds “industry standard ” by more than 30% and more bristle means better sweeping.

A Few Words

meet the team


Nick Eden
Looks after Bespoke Brushes & Accounts

0418 189 982

Frances Eden
Internal Business Systems
Team Development
Derek Clark
Sales, Marketing
Customer Service, Technical Inquiries

0457 982 876

Cooper Bachelor
Customer Service
Warehousing & Logistics

07 3868 2733

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