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Why our customers buy Spirally Wound Brooms

We are the only outlet that offers you more than one type of Australian made spirally wound brooms.
This provides you with a number of choices and Price Points!
The best Broom for you is dependent on 4 Key factors:
     1.The type of work the broom will be doing,
     2.The care factor of your operator/s’
     3.How quickly you need the broom, and
     4.Your budget.

Our Motto is “We make buying brooms Easy” and we believe that our 35+ years experience and
our in house systems will ensure you get the right broom at the right price 1st time.

If you would like to get the ball rolling you can contact us by phone 07 3868 2733,
email: or go to our website and type
into the search bar: Spirally quote or order form and submit to us.
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General information on Spirally Wound Brooms

Spirally wound Road sweeping brooms are most commonly filled with polypropylene known as Poly bristles.
We also offer a Poly & Wire bristled combo broom should you need a more aggressive sweep.
The Internal Diameter (I/D) are generally 130mm (5″) and go up to 250mm (10″)
with other sizes available on request.
The Overall Diameter (O/D) are commonly 508mm (20″), 610mm (24″) and 860mm(34″)
with other sizes available on request.
The length of road sweeping brooms vary greatly, but are commonly between 900mm and 2200mm long.
Longer brooms can be supplied in 2 pieces to make handling and storage easier as well as save on
freight costs. As an added bene?t should you have 2 sweepers of almost the same length you can order
2 piece brooms for the shorter broom and simply add a few individual segments between the brushes
to lengthen the broom as required, which may save you from having to keep spare brooms
for both machines.

1 Piece and 2 piece Skid Steer Broomss

We can supply spirally wound brooms for all makes of Bucket & Tractor sweepers
the most common ones being; Digga/Cleana, Hyrapower, Norm, Sewel


The Bristles & some Industries various Fibres are used in
The Fibre fill (Bristle) can be Extra Coarse as used in Sugar refineries down to Super Fine as used for mass
cleaning of Fruit products. They can be Pure Polypropylene generically known as Poly where the Poly & or
Poly/Wire Spiral brooms are used in Road Broom sweeping and Road building; Nylon either coloured or natural
as used in Food processing plants; Polyester (PBT) as used in Sand, Gravel and Mulching plants in Trommel
Brushes; Brass and Stainless Steel as used in Bakery processing lines; and where synthetic fibres are not
acceptable Natural Hair Fibres including Horse, Goat, Tampico and Union Fibres can be selected.

The Technical Specifications to Enable anything from Soft Fruit Polishing to Stripping Rubber from used Tyres
Spirally wound brooms are used in many Industries where we are able to meet most Technical specifications
and usability requirements. The “Wind” or “Pitch” can be very Close where the Bristle of the broom is required to
aggressively clean the entire surface such as in the Stripping/Recycling of Rubber Tyres or in Grenade
Launcher cleaning brushes; or the “Wind” or “Pitch” can be more Widely spaced where a less aggressive brush
is needed or where “Clogging up” of the brush is a problem often found when cleaning Sugar Conveyor belts
and Trommel Screens.

Loose Coil and how this Saves on Transport Costs
Spirally wound brooms can be made without being fitted to a core-this is suitable where customer has on-site
welding capability. They are particularly useful where extra long (2.5m+) brooms are required, as the loose coils
can pack up to around a third of the length of a full broom, therefore saving greatly on transport costs.

The Service whether a simple re-order or for Full Technical Assistance
If you think a Spirally wound broom could do a job in your workplace and you have full technical specifications,
we will assess them for suitability and discuss any suggested changes should this be necessary. If you are
unsure of the technical requirements, give us a call and we’ll work through the process with you from first
Conversation, to rough sketches, Technical drawings, Specifications, Quotes right through to supplying the
finished product.

Australian made Spirally Wound Brooms. Key & Soft Drives available.
Bristle stiffness can be varied by our factory, to suit your needs.


All Sweepers – HydraPower, Digga, Bobcat, Bonne, etc

We have a range of Broom sizes with overall diameter measurements
including: 20″ (508mm), 24″ (600mm), 34″ (860mm), other sizes available on request.
The Brooms can be supplied with full Poly bristle fill or as a Poly/Wire bristle mix

Brooms are manufactured to a variety of lengths and to suit all bucket sizes
and a variety of drive shafts, such as:
Square Drives: 11/4″ ( 32 mm), 11/2″ (40 mm), 3″ (76 mm)
Pin Drives on 5″ (127mm) diameter.
Pin Drives on 10″ (250mm) diameter.
Other core diameters can be manufactured on request.

One Piece or Two Piece
Note:      Brooms are available as one piece
or 2/set as your requirement

Timber backed drag Brooms

Drag Brooms are available ex-stock 750mm or 900mm long
with very stiff 0.095″ straight poly bristles

Drag Brooms for Grain Sweeping DB900
A DB750 Drag Broom 750mm Long - Timber Back 35mm x 90mm O/H = 140mm Extra Stiff Poly Bristles
B DB900 Drag Broom 900mm Long - Timber Back 35mm x 90mm O/H = 140mm Extra Stiff Poly Bristles
Drag Broom DB900

Drag Broom in special rail

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