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Value versus price

Broomsfast products are competitively priced, however our focus is not on being the cheapest supplier of Brooms. In our 30 odd years of business we have learned that a cheap priced product often actually costs more money in the long run! Therefore our product focus is based on providing the very best value for money.

We are confident we are on the right track as occasionally we lose a customer to a Cheap price, but they return with a familiar story; One such example was with a Mulch Trommel Screen Broom set supplied to Phoenix Power Recyclers where Ian Davis said :

“We’ve been away for a while, we were approached by another supplier and we had to try their brooms as they were cheaper and we were told they were as good as yours—-but they are not! We only got half the life out them and replacing them is a pain! So we’re back”

Based on our experiences we will continue to focus on quality rather than price and supply the best value brooms, brushes and accessories available. Best value is a product that is fit for purpose and;

1. Increases process efficiency.
2. Reduces maintenance and or downtime.

“To ensure we continue to supply excellent value for money products we rely on feedback from our customers”

Feedback is often a result of us pro-actively working with our customers to come up with a new product or to improve an existing one. However, occasionally our customers alert us to another product that they feel, in one way or another is better than ours. As our regular customers know what they want in a broom when they talk, we listen! We use this feedback to work with our manufacturing partners to develop even better products for our customers.

“No matter the price of a product or accessory we still focus on Quality”

With our products ranging from brooms costing thousands of dollars to accessories that cost as little as $5 we pride ourselves in doing our best to ensure every item we sell is of a premium quality.

Quality bristles

Premium quality road brooms require top quality Polypropylene (Poly) for good, hard wearing performance. Our manufacturing partner “Thompson Brushes” have invested over 40 years into developing industry best poly. Our Road broom segments have more poly fill than any other on the market; in fact the amount of poly bristle in our segments exceeds “industry standard ” by more than 30% and more bristle means better sweeping.

Research & development

Our manufacturing partners Thompson Brushes have an ongoing commitment to Research & Development. As an example – they have developed polypropylene (poly) that is now used in other fields such as; Australian Armed Forces where it’s used for cleaning grenade launchers, a variety of food processing plants and in Mining and Civil Construction where the poly is used as fibre reinforcement to strengthen the concrete in mineshafts, pit walls and tunnels.

This Research and development into poly technology in other industries brings with it ongoing improvements in strength and durability to our broom-stocks. In 2013 these improvements were incorporated into the Side Brooms we supply to the Brisbane City Council for their Macdonald Johnson Sweepers, where real world testing has shown a 20% increase in their working life.

stocked products

We have available ex stock a range of:
Broom segments which are suitable for a variety of machines including; Tractor & Bucket Brooms
Heavy Duty Push Brooms suitable for use in; Road Building, Construction, Shipping Yards, Feedlots, Farm and Cattle Yards
Handles; hardwood and aluminium and associated fittings for Broom and Asphalt rake heads
Coir mats and multi tyred roller brushes for use in Road Construction
Heavy Duty General Purpose brooms and associated fittings for use in; Workshops, Factories, Lunchrooms, Parks, Abattoirs and Truck washing
Boot brush cleaning units for use in; Roadworks, Construction, Mining, Abattoirs and other Food processing plants
Replacement boot brushes for boot wash baths used in; Abattoirs
Common strip brushes and fixing channels for use as; Door seals, Cable ducts & skirts, around spraying and machinery

Commonly "made to order" products

There are literally hundreds of brooms and brushes of varying diameters, lengths and bristle types that we supply on an as needs basis such as: 1 and 2 piece Spirally wound main brooms either in full poly bristle or in a blend of Poly & Wire. Sizes vary from 190mm right up to 900mm O/D (Overall Diameter/size) and a variety of I/D (Internal Diameter/shaft size) sizes suitable for use with all machines makes and models Trommel Screen Brushes for use in the sand, gravel, soil and landscaping supply Sugar Lags and Strip Brushes for many industries

one off-bespoke "made to order" products

Should you need a special broom or brush we can most likely help! We have experience in specially engineered one-off products where a bespoke brush or broom is required. We have been called upon to help design, develop and perfect hundreds of one-off products from twisted wire bottle-type brushes to brooms 2.5m long engineered to clean and maintain coal mine drag line machinery. We welcome your challenges! s

Sewerage Traitment Gutter Brush "made to order" products

waste containment brush

Miscellaneous Products

As a service to our core customers we also carry an array of miscellaneous products. We can source specialty products and we can assist in the development of unique prototype products. Should the broom or brush you require not be shown on our site, simply give us a call and we can get the ball rolling


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