Feedlot, Farm & Cattle Yard Trough Brooms


Spacers available for all drive shaft sizes

Detail of Spacers placed on segment


RB20P150 20" x 11/2" (508mm x 40mm) Premium Poly Segment (Williamson)
RB20P500 20" x 5" (508mm x 125mm) Premium Poly Segment (Williamson)
SB20P800 20" x 8" (508mm x 200mm) Standard Poly Segment (Bespoke)
RB24P150 24" x 11/2" (600mm x 40mm) Premium Poly Segment (Williamson)
RB24P500 24" x 5" (600mm x 125mm) Premium Poly Segment (Williamson)
RB34P1000 34" x 10" (860mm x 250mm) Premium Poly Segment (Morlag)


Other shapes manufactured to your requirements

T1343 Trough Broom Curved, 0.5" Poly
T1343.6 Trough Broom Square Nose
2481 165mm wide timber back to suit 25 mm handles 260 overall width of bristle - Stiff nylon brush

To compliment our heavy-duty broom heads we have a range of extra strong broom and rake handles, within this range are our best selling “Black tips”in 1500mm & 1800mm lengths.

One Off-Bespoke Brooms & Brushes

Is there a job you are doing that could be made easier with a specially designed broom or brush?

Engineered Sewerage Treatment
Gutter brush

We have worked with a number of engineers to develop effective Sewerage Treatment Gutter Brushes.
These brushes are fitted to a mechanised system that runs around the treatment plant gutters to remove algae.

Strip brushes can be straight or spirally wound according to application.

Basic Sewerage Treatment
Gutter brush

Spirally wound brushes:
For light work it may be more suitable to “open-up” the strip to achieve a less dense and hence more flexible brush.
For heavy work or where greater pressure will be required it is more advantageous to closely wind.

Once or twice a month we get asked to help to improve an existing broom or to work with customers to develop specially engineered one-off products. These products range from simple twisted wire bottle wash-type brushes, Strip Brushes that clean food production surfaces or keep vermin, light & or dust out of facilities and electrical
enclosures right up to brooms 2.5m long brooms engineered to clean and maintain Coalmine machinery.

With the Scenic Rim Regional Council we developed a Twisted wire brush is used to paint/seal holes in bridge structures.
These holes are often Metres away from the operator and are either difficult
or impossible to reach from the access point.

We will work with you to Improve Existing brooms or to develop brooms and brushes exactly to your requirements.
Give us a call to discuss your needs.
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